Texto 2 abr. 250 notas …minha dieta vai bem e alguém me traz uma pizza.
Texto 22 jan. 484 notas …tô comendo porcaria e passa uma pessoa magra e gostosa do meu lado.


Desse jeito!

Texto 22 jan. 3.001 notas …era pequeno e tinha que tomar vacina.


Como era:

Como eu via:

Pra tirar sangue tbm…

Texto 22 jan. 412 notas …meus amigos sempre vêm falar comigo quando querem um conselho.
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Obligatory Disney-Starwars mashup by Nathan H. Boyd.

via crisdias.
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Saveur Magazine teamed up with Murray’s Cheese to create these beautiful cheese plates. Find out what cheeses and accompaniments go in to creating cheeses plates like “The Classic”, “Familiar, But Different”, “A Tasting of Cave-Aged Cheeses” and “Bold Pairing: Sweet, Savory, Spicy”:

4 Decadent Cheese Plates

When building a cheese plate, creating a balanced, complementary spread is all about variety. Aim for a range of textures (runny, soft, semi-firm, hard), flavors (mild, stinky, creamy, and salty), milk types (sheep’s milk, cow’s milk, goat milk, or a blend), and colors, and look for condiments that enhance the flavors of the cheese—not overpower them. After spending an afternoon with our friends at Murray’s Cheese tasting cheeses and accompaniments, we’ve curated four unique arrays with entertaining in mind, each plate with at least three cheeses and a unique condiment. Follow our lead, or mix and match to create your own ideal plate.

Check out the full plates here.

(Photos ©2013 Saveur Magazine)

Yeah… what can you say? We are just awesome at eating.

(Fonte: cheesenotes)

Texto 20 jan. 196 notas …meus amigos querem emendar um after às 6 da manhã.
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Salty Caramel from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams on Vimeo.


Congratulations, Jeni’s - you’ve managed to make us crave ice cream even when it’s below freezing outside.

Must try it!

Texto 18 jan. 298 notas …tô voltando pro ritmo da academia depois das festas de fim de ano.





Texto 18 jan. 148 notas …chego muito cedo em uma festa em que não conheço quase ninguém.

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